Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Little Cottage in Ireland

I finished my cottage.  The photo was by Anne Kelly.  I met her thru Facebook and she has graciously allowed me to use any of her photos.  I loved this one.  It's about 9x12 inches on Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper from a Visual Journal book.  I used Micron pens, watercolors, and colored pencils.

I was really worried when I started the sketch.  So many little twigs in the trees and such gnarly trees.  The next day I did some refining of the sketch and started to put some watercolor down.  When I got to a certain point, I went to the colored pencils (Albrecht Durer brand watercolor pencils). I used the colored pencils both wet with a waterbrush and dry for texture.   And before, during, and after I added micron when I felt the need.

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