Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Something New

Lately I have been trying something new.  I have been drawing on Designer Scrapbooking Paper.  I love using this paper.  I can't use water on it so will be using graphite, Micron pen, and colored pencils.

I got the idea from my friend Teresa.  We were in an ATC trade and she made her cards using this paper.  She did little flowers, hearts, etc in Kuretake Sumi Ink 60 and adds a little shiny color with Gelly Roll Gel pens.  The followed that up with some sayings or quotes in fancy lettering.  

I noticed how nice the ink went onto the paper.  No blurred edges.  It just looked like it was part of the paper.  Teresa was kind enough to send some samples of the paper to me.  I haven't tried the Sumi ink yet but the Micron pens, colored pencils, and graphite work perfectly on the paper.

This cat is Tigger.  A client of a Facebook friend, Andy Mathis, veterinarian/photographer.  I used his photo with his permission.  He has a really nice opportunity for great photographs of his clients.  Some of them he has followed from their first shots thru adulthood.   And he has been so gracious letting me use his photos.  He has a FB account under his name, Andy Mathis.  

I bought a few groceries today and many of the vegetables I bought just to use as subjects for drawings.  I plan to try some Mexican onions, possibly broccoli, yellow onion, and some carrots on the scrapbooking paper.  I can't wait to see how those do on the paper.  And it's nice to have a ready-made background and not have to worry about doing one.  And I even like that the pattern on the paper shows a little thru the artwork.  

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