Monday, December 29, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

         What am I working on? 

I just finished a  Christmas Card Trade on Wetcanvas Forum.  I am now doing some small paintings of a few of my Christmas ornaments
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don't follow the rules.  I figure that however gets the job done, is the right way.  I  draw in graphite and colored pencils.  I paint watercolors.  I have been primarily self taught.  I have watched many videos, taken many online classes, and used different things to develop my own style.
Why do I create what I do?
I create what I do because I have a yearning inside of me to create some art.  I love animals, particularly dogs, and I find that a lot of my artwork involves animals.  I love doing dog portraits.  I have a need at times to do a "memory" of a person's pet after it has passed.  
How does my creating process work?
My creating has evolved many times over the last probably 10 years.   At the moment, I start my artwork with a drawing that is usually detailed.  I leave the graphite as I like that look.  Then I put my first paint down with watercolor.  I don't do a lot of color mixing.  I use a Koi field kit and a waterbrush and find I llike the colors in that kit.  

Then I go in with colored pencil.  I might go back in with watercolor or graphite at any time during the process.

My style seems to change every so often.  I don't really plan it or even know that it has happened until someone tells me that I have  developed a little difference in my artwork.

I couldn't find another blogger that wanted to participate at this time of the year, so I just suggest you look at any and/or all of the blogs listed on the right.  Some of them are not currently posting but the artwork is well worth the browse.  And if you check out the blogs they have listed on their site, you may not come out of your "blog browsing" stupor for days.  Have fun.  

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