Thursday, December 18, 2014

Catching Up

I finished up the Wetcanvas Christmas Card trade and all of my cards have been received  by their new owners.  I have received several of my cards.  It is so much fun to get Christmas mail.  

The two photos above are from a private Christmas trade I did.

I am thinking of starting a new ATC trade for the new year.  I just have to come up with a theme that interests me and would interest about 20 others.  Considering I have been in over 40 trades on Wetcanvas and probably more than that on Drawspace, a good number of themes have already been done.  Have no fear...I will come up with something.  Then I have the decision of whether I want the troubles that go with a trade hosting duty.  Waiting for sign ups, gathering all the addresses, explaining when some don't follow thru with their obligations, and keeping everyone happy.   But most of my trades have been happy experiences.  And I still do monthly private trades with a few close friends I made om the Drawspace Forum.

I have been neglecting my blog posts lately and hopefully in the new year I will be able to get back to at least weekly posts.  That will be a nice goal for me. 

Another goal I have set starting in January is that I am going to try to do a daily art and writing journal.  I plan to do something every day, not a whole page, but something.  I will be using a 9x12 inch watercolor Sketchbook Journal by Strathmore.  Some days there will be just a small entry, other days I may fill a page.  Some to do lists may make the cut and even some scavenger hunt items.  I need to get back into daily art and hope that this will get me back on track.

My friend Sue will be joining me in this daily journal.  She is having problems with one of her 4-legged babies (surgery) but hopefully she will be able to do her journal justice while her baby recuperates.

If anyone out there needs a goal for 2015, join in.  I will be posting most of my entries on here and probably some on my Facebook page.  

Thank you to all my loyal friends. 

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