Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 7

Well I missed the plein air outing. I ran some errands yesterday and overdid it. I decided to stay in today and not irritate the knee and my ankle any further. We had rain last night and having lots of foggy days. I don't need to get out in weather like that. I really am disappointed tho as this outing would have been an easy one for me. Hopefully they will have another easy one in the next week or so.
Here is the sp for yesterday. I used Derwent drawing pencils. I can get more depth from shading using these than I can with graphite. Have no idea why. Maybe because when I shade with graphite, my face ends up looking dirty.
Another mouse caught in a sticky trap. Found it in the living room, so I guess the dogs found its hiding place. At least they didn't eat it. Now I get to "worry" again about having mice in the house and hubby out of town for a few days work. Drats.
I joined a Postcard Pen Pal group with Anita Davies. Anyone who wants to join and send her an original art postcard will get one back from her. Nice idea and will get me a piece of her original artwork. I am slowly getting pieces from most of the artists I have long admired. Now if only I could get a trade from KatherineT....
I joined a postcard exchange project in Wetcanvas. There are two separate projects. The first one filled fast. Now the second one has only 3 more spaces. Wow. I guess this is a popular project. I have been in several exchange projects and love them.
I do find I prefer the ATC size exchanges. For some reason I have no problem filling an ATC but when it comes to the larger postcard, I can't seem to come up with ideas on what I want to do. I have completed only 3 so far and have 21 left to do. And one for Anita. Must give it more thought and come up with something fantastic.


Joan said...

I was sorry to hear you overdid it and couldn't go on your art outing. I signed up for the PPP with Anita and the 4 x 6 project on WetCanvas. I hope I don't run out of new ideas. My husband thinks I'm crazy for giving away my art work like that. He doesn't understand that I like having my work go to people who appreciate art, and I like receiving original artwork from others. I'll probably be happier doing the 4 x 6s instead of the ATCs. Those are a bit small for me, but I am enjoying doing them too.

"JeanneG" said...

But just think..your art will be all over the world. And you get something back.

Jo Castillo said...

Hey, take care of yourself, huh? I hurt for you. :(

I love this portrait. Even if you are hurting it looks a little happier. :)