Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm still having medical issues. I saw an infectious disease/internal medicine specialist on Friday. He is taking tests and will consult with my surgeon. I should know some more tomorrow.

Still not doing much art. I did an ugly self portrait for the scavenger hunt and used the challenge of using a marker. Not a pleasant look but a little like the way I feel right now. I am very tired and very tired of dealing with all this medical stuff.


Jo Castillo said...

This portrait gave me a smile today, thanks. :) I am hoping your doctors will get you on the road to recovery soon. That is the pits!

Good to hear about you but scary news. :(

Joan said...

I think everyone in the hunt was glad to see you face pop in. Good health is so affects so many aspects of our lives. Too bad we don't appreciate it when we have it. (Beamer) said...

It's too bad your having to go through all this. Hoping they find the cure pronto.

Terrible way to start the new year.

I'm praying for you.