Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Internet trouble.

I haven't been able to get online all day. I called my server, and he said he has had calls all day. For some reason each persons computer could not read either their name or passworld when they went to sign on. We had to reinput them. I also am having trouble with Outlook Express which is the program I use for my email. As soon as I sign on to Outlook, my computer knocks me off the internet. Always something. You just get one thing figured out and something else happens. I think there are little computer bugs in each computer that sit up all night figuring something new to cause you grief.
I did another self portrait but was not happy with it. I decided not to post it and have to look at it over and over.
I went out with my plein air group today for the first time since October. We went to the Bakersfield Museum of Art. We have been there a few times. I took pictures of the trees outside the main grounds. There were no flowers blooms so no new pictures inside the grounds. It was also so cold I couldn't sit and draw. I did one really quick sketch, and then moved out into the sunlight. I wore two pairs of pants, two tops, two pairs of socks, and a sweatshirt and gloves. Still cold. But at least I made it to one outing. Now maybe it will get easier to attend. It is still so much walking so it will depend on where they go each week. And how far I have to carry supplies and a chair.


Ai said...

Jeanne, I am glad you get to go out sketching with the group. I am looking forward to seeing more development from the sketches.

Joan said...

Jeanne - I'm glad you got to go out with the group again. Too bad it was so cold.

I saw something before about huge internet problems yesterday. I didn't pay close attention. I was able to log onto WetCanvas yesterday from my sister's house, but haven't been able to get into it at all this morning. I had sketches to download and wanted to check and comment on the hunt, especially since I'm hosting. It's frustrating!