Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wetcanvas Problems Today

I guess Wetcanvas is doing maintenance today. I haven't been able to get online at all today. It's not just me as JoanT hasn't been able to get online today either. And she is hosting the scavenger hunt which ends tomorrow. Must have been frustrating to her as she has to use a computer at the library.

I surfed most of the day looking for free art lessons. I found a couple that look promising.

I mailed two more of my postcards for the trade project today. One to Canada and one to the US. I have only 8 more to do. But I have an Easter card to do before long. The 20th we will get the name of our recipient. I haven't even started thinking or planning what I will do for that one.

Then I will start my Masters art trade cards. Those we have a year to finish, so I hope another trade will start before that one has to be finished. I have two of those cards finished.
Here is one of the drawings I did for the postcard exchange. Some of my cards were graphite drawings and the rest have been colored pencil.


Barb said...

Hi Jeanne!

I'm in a project with you at (the 4X6 postcards). Wetcanvas went down as I was in RIL to get new pics to paint from. I'm surprised how much I miss surfing that site!! It has been down for at least 24 hours now - I wish there was some way to get info. about this.

Sounds like you have a lot of great projects planned after the 4x6 postcard one! I think I'll need a long rest once I've done 25 postcards.

Have a great day! BarbD (on wetcanvas).

Laurel Neustadter said...

Your dog drawing is very expressive! Great postcard.

Joan said...

Jeanne - This face is so precious!!! You did a great job on this. I'm in the other postcard exchange and I have done 5 so far. My theme is sunrises, sunsets, and beautiful skies.

WetCanvas seems to be working OK today, but on the slow side. I was able to get to post what I needed, but as of yet there isn't a new scavenger hunt list posted. So I guess that means I'll be doing a sunset when I get home. lol

Ai said...


This Sha-pei face is so cute. I wish I could adopt him immediately. You are so good with drawing animal.

Have a great painting/drawing day. Ai (WC)