Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sorry for being absent

It wasn't planned. My absence I mean. I have had some computer problems. My computer has too much on it and is getting really slow.

I have been doing some artwork tho. I did one at my plein air outing on Wednesday. We went to a place called The Cottages. It is some small cottage-style houses that have been converted to little shops for food and boutiques. The one I drew was a day spa.

The cottages were built around 1950 and have a quaint look that you don't find in today's buildings. They aren't perfect but do have some nice details. The back of one with an upstairs has a wrought-iron staircase with blue doors top and bottom. Very cute. Very complicated with the staircase.

Here is the one I did for my outing and a photo of the blue doors. I took the photo of the spa place from a little bit different angle than my drawing but it gives you the general idea of what it looked like.


Ai said...

A charming sketch indeed, Jeanne. I like this kind of building too. You are lucky to get to do plein air on one of these rare gems.l

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Jeanne glad you're back on line. Dont you miss looking around and posting work when you cant.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice sketch. We miss you when you are gone!

Joan said...

These look like such cute little buildings!! I'm so glad you're getting out to join the group. Nice sketch of the spa!