Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing New

I don't have any new art to post. I tried to do 2 different postcards today and failed miserably at both. I just couldn't get the colors right.

Yesterday was art day out. We went to the local zoo/preserve called CALM. Many animals, native plants, and lots to see and paint. I love going there but usually pay dearly with a sore ankle for a few days.

I have several boxes of items I use for props for still lifes, the scavenger hunts, and any other time I need something to draw. I have mentioned my "props" several times in the scavenger hunt threads. Jo Castillo asked to see photos of my boxes. I think she wants validation for her own collection. I know she has a collection of red, white, and blue items, and a ton of blue bottles. You can see her blog here:


Jo Castillo said...

Thank you, Jeanne, for the point to my blog. My collections are on display all over my house and create a great necessity for dusting. Arghh... Maybe a big box is the better answer. Heh.

Joan said...

Jeanne - That's a great collection and you seem to have it well organized!