Monday, October 06, 2008

Under the Sea

I have been working today on some Under the Sea ATCs for the trade on forum. I have 8 finished. Two were done today and another one went to the trash. I was so disappointed in that one. I had it all done, then decided to add something. That didn't work so tried to erase and messed up the whole thing. I think I have 12 to do in all. Only 4 more.

I was really looking forward to this subject for a trade but have struggled with it. None of them have come out just the way I wanted. After the safari exchange went so easily, I expected more from myself. Maybe it was because this one is in colored pencil and the safari was in graphite.


Teresa said...

Wish I was as fast as you... I'm trailing back here in the dust!

Kaly said...

Know what you mean, it also happened to me, I think my safari cards where easier to do!!! I'm doing muni in water colored pencils, and it's my first try at this medium so maybe that's it! anyway I have finished 11 and have to do another 2, they are a total of 13 not 12!!!we are still missing one adress though so I hope that person does not drop out!
good luck with the rest of your cards, I bet they are great!!