Thursday, October 02, 2008

Productive day

I worked on a piece for a competition/show for the association that I belong to. BAA or Bakersfield Art Association. The subject for the show is "Valley Scenes". I already had one picture to show. It is the one I did of the old jail from out outdoor museum (Kern County Museum/Pioneer Village). It has a lot of old buildings that have been moved there and refurbished.

The one I did today is of an old school. I stopped and took a photo of it during one of our outings. I knew right away that I wanted to do a picture of it. My scan didn't turn out very good. I will have to take a photo tomorrow in the daylight.

Now I have to get busy and find a frame and get them ready. They have to be delivered on the 4th. Yikes. That's soon. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

I also have a half done postcard sized picture I'm working on of a goat that lives at the local animal preserve/museum. It has a petting zoo area. The goats are really friendly. They were begging for attention. The next time we go to the museum, I plan to spend most of my time with the goats and sheep. The sheep didn't come up to the fence but the goats stayed close.

Here is a scan of the school picture. In person it isn't that brown on the house. I used some graphite over the picture after the colored pencil was down. My scanner scans graphite as brown. I always have to adjust it in my picture program. But when there is color, can't fix it.


Teresa said...

Good for you on participating in the art show! Love the way you did the grass in this pic. Oh, and yes... I did catch the remark about tomato gravy on my blog...
Tsk, tsk, tsk!! ;-)

Joan said...

Participating is shows is always fun!! You did a nice job on the school...good perspective. Get busy framing!

laura said...

I love the way you handled the trees, and the grass too, Jeanne!

Kaly said...

Beautiful Jeanne.