Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing I can Show

I haven't done anything this week that I can show. I have been working on some Zentangles for the trade on Wetcanvas and some Stones/Rocks for the monthly trade on Drawspace. I have 5 of each so far. And one finished for the Wetcanvas Trade called
"Anything That Doesn't Walk" A little bit of a mouthful isn't it?

Yesterday I worked on Bible study questions. It was really a good study. Today I did nothing. Well that isn't exactly true. I slept some and worked on a blouse I ordered. It was too big so I decided to fix it myself instead of sending it back. I don't want to pay for the extra postage. And if I got a smaller size, chances are it would be too tight. Can't win for losing so they say. So I pay a price just to remake it. Fun, fun, fun.

I actually don't like to sew any more. I did when I was younger. Is that because I was younger and had more patience? Is that because I could see better and my hands worked better? Is that because it was cheaper back then? Well all of the above is true.

The patterns today are an outlandish price. They cost as much as the Vogue patterns did "in the olden days". And we poor people couldn't afford the Vogue patterns back then. And the Vogue patterns were more like "Project Runway" compared to what most women wore back in that more conservative time.

My hands are terribly arthritic, my eyes have the start of cataracts, and I pull more stitches out than I put in when I sew. And there is where the eye sight comes in to play. Try taking stitches out of black fabric that has been sewn with black thread and then get back to me. Also try it with your eyes closed. That pretty much sums up what it is like for me. fun huh?

But like other problems for people who carry too much weight, clothes aren't made the way I would wish. The sleeves are way too short and tight for my "wings". The length is too short for my backside and belly. And I can guarantee you that no one wants to see my midsection sticking out from under my blouse or anything else that might be in that area.

Yes maybe I am a prude. But I don't think anyone has a good enough body to go around showing their mushroom over the tops of their pants. And it is annoying to watch someone forever pulling up their pants every few seconds. And for the view, you don't want to see mine and I don't want to see yours.

So I still make my tops. And I still buy my pants with elastic and make sure they fit "at the waist" and not hip area. The biggest part of me is not where I want the focal point. I will continue making my tops with long loose sleeves, my long tailed hems and loose sides as long as I can manage, and keep from frightening myself in the mirror or viewers on the street. I know what's under there but don't find it something I want to see every time I pass a mirror, or share with anyone on the street.

Now have a good day, take a look in the mirror (front and back) before going out, and pray that my hands and eyes hold out until I at least am in the throes of dementia.


Anonymous said...

Lol super post and I so understand your statement.....made me smile on a chilly day here in the uk.

sue said...

Likewise :o)

Teresa said...

Gosh, Jeanne, you said a mouthful on that post!

I agree with you on the "muffin" showing over the pants. I see so many young girls, overweight, with hiphugger pants and midriff baring tops and wonder why on earth they choose to show off their "Pillsbury Dough Boy" midsection to the world. Beats me.

Re: arthritis... so far, my hands are doing fine. Shoulders, elbows and wrists are another story. 20+ years on a computer is taking it's toll. Sigh! Oh well.... could be worse!