Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I was the host of the latest scavenger hunt on WCd. This was the last day and I got one item sketched and posted tonight.

As I was watering my back yard, I picked up several leaves that had fallen and sketched them for the hunt. They will come in handy as a leaf is on the next hunt also.

I will be mailing out one more pet portrait today. I have 7 more to do. Then I have the October trade at Drawspace to do which is "rocks". And 3 trades at Wetcanvas to get started on. Another pending project is the Sketchbook Project for the Art House Coop. I have it started but haven't gotten very much done (the inside cover and a couple pages or so.)

Plus my Bible study started again in mid Sept and we have daily homework for that. If I don't wade thru the debris in my house and do some housework, I soon will get lost as a wander thru the house.

The sketch is done in colored pencil and outlined with a marker pen.


Teresa said...

I got my lazy butt in gear this past weekend and cleaned the whole house. Not a moment too soon- LOL!

I like the outline with the pen... gives it a "Pen, Ink & Watercolor" effect. Really nice!

P.S. Has your weather cooled down? It was in the 40's this morning. Woo Hoo... I LOVE IT!!!

Joan said...

Nice job on the leaves!!! I missed them in the hunt. Remember when we drew them all month?