Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rocks/Stones Finished

I finished all the cards for the Rocks/Stones trade on Drawspace. I had 9 to do. I decided to do this trade in graphite. I like to do that every so often to get back to the basics. I miss graphite when I constantly do colored pencils. All of these were from my own references. They are all in the envelopes and ready to mail on Monday.

The two cacti were at CSUB (Cal State Bakersfield University). They have a program called FACT where they nurse birds back to health and reintroduce them back into the wild. Some of the students work there. It is outside and has a small pond with brush around it. Cages for the birds, lots of native trees, and a huge area with native cacti. We went there for one of our plein air outings.

The rest of the photos were taken at the cattle ranch where my friends Shari and Ron work and live, and the small day park we went to at Stallion Springs in Tehachapi. Both were plein outings as well.

I also finished the zentangle cards for the Zentangle II trade on Wetcanvas. We don't have the list yet so they aren't ready to mail yet. I can't show those as they are supposed to be a surprise. I never know how many of the participants check my blog.

Now I have to concentrate on the other two Wetcanvas trades. "Anything That Doesn't Walk" and "Chimneys". And I joined for the 3rd year the Christmas Portrait Swap on Wetcanvas. Looking forward to it. They are still signing up for that one.


Joan said...

Jeanne - These are absolutely beautiful!!! They would make a wonderful card collection!

Teresa said...

I had forgotten how beautiful the simplicity of graphite can be. You did a great job on these, Jeanne. Give yourself a pat on the back!

I took a photo of an old chimney last week in case you could use it in your trade. Will send it to you.

Lene said...

they are lovely cards!