Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing New Today

Nothing new to show in the art department. Today I worked on my Bible study questions for tonight. One more night to go next week and they will be finished until Sept. It has been a very nice study. The Book of John and such a good study to do just before Easter.

There won't be an outing this week with the art group as rain is predicted. I hope to start something new tomorrow.

I did sign up for a new trade on Wetcanvas. It is titled "Water". It will be easy to find things for that title. Many possibilities. I'm not sure what direction I will go with the theme. I have time to think about it. There are already 12 people signed up out of the 20 allowed.

I am now officially a "texter". I had never learned to do it and my phone is one without a keyboard. Sooooo slow. But my friend Teresa has a problem with her arm/neck and can't get on the computer. So to keep in touch, I had to bite the bullet and start texting. Now I have something else to keep me busy. One is texting and another is keeping track so that I don't go over 1000 messages which is what I signed up for. I have it figured down to how many a day before I would go over. Thankfully I'm nowhere near doing that many. I may end up with stubs for fingers tho.


Teresa said...

And your friend Teresa (who is now allowed a few minutes a day on the computer) greatly appreciates your effort so we can keep in touch! Long live texting!


Joan said...

I'm scrolling through looking at what I missed while I was gone. You've been busy with lots of projects...and learning to text too. (Something I still don't do.) I'll have to check out the new WC project. I haven't done one in a while.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, I have done about 3 texts. Just haven't wanted to try. Good for you!