Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today Is The Day

Today is the first anniversary of my husband's death. Not a good day for me but one I look forward to having behind me. Now all the first year things are past and I will put on my armor to handle the second year one day at a time.

For today, I plan to go shopping for framing supplies, groceries, and bring some KFC broiled chicken home for dinner.

For you, please hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. God bless you all.


Katherine Thomas said...

Tender thoughts are with you today, Jeanne. Hang in there. I hope you can find some moments of comfort and strength today.

Heather said...

Awwww, so sad :( You are lucky that you got to experience that love though - not everyone gets to. I'm so sorry for your loss. Enjoy your KFC - I love KFC too. Thinking of you and sending you wishes of comfort tonight! <3

Teresa said...

I know it's been a sad, difficult year.. but I'm so proud of you. You've done as well as anyone could and I hope you give yourself credit for that. I think you've done a lot better than I would have.

Yet another (hug) from T in NC :-)

Jan said...

I know yesterday must have been a really difficult day and I hope you're doing better today.

Joan said...

Jeanne - Hope you can feel the hugs from all your friends everywhere. All the best!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I was just writing your name in my blog post and remembered it must be about a year since your husband's death. Wrong by a month - but at least I remembered!

You've come a long way in a year Jeanne and I think you've coped really well - I'm proud of you.