Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Bird With Personality

I believe the photo was provided by Helen Lewry. This is about 4x6 inches in watercolor, pen, and colored pencil.  The photo was offered for use in a Facebook page called Reference Photos for Artists.  I also posted my painting on that page.  

This was done in a watercolor journal sketchbook that I plan to do just random things that I like.  This is done on the bottom right of the page.  There is still quite a lot of the page that is blank, and I will be filling in more of the page with other artwork.  I'm sure a lot of the artwork will be animals.  I have found several more animals at the Reference site.  I can't wait to paint them.

I have been neglecting my art a bit.  I did finish my ATC trade project.  Now I can hopefully concentrate on some artwork that will make me happy.

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