Sunday, June 25, 2006


Today has been a lazy day for me. The heat has settled in and it hurts too much to move around.

I went to church this morning, then the bank, then home to check all the posts at WetCanvas and Toad Hollow. Then a nap seemed like a good thing. My two dogs thought so too. They always share my naps and bed.

I have the swamp cooler going as well as fans in most of the rooms. The miniature schnauzer is on the floor in front of a fan running on high. The flat coated retriever just moves from one space to another hoping that she will find that "just right" place for coolness. She is also ready to eat and follows my every move around the house. She wants to make sure she doesn't miss a bite of her food as well as mine.

Dinner is cooking. Since hubby is working today, I fixed him some fish, and will have baked potato with it and salad. I don't care much for fish or seafood so I will just eat the potato.

Life is good. Even with the heat, I feel so blessed.


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