Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I didn't realize it had been three days since my last post. How time flies. I just finished my weekly drawing for WetCanvas. A broken gate. This was my second participation. I have been fairly happy with my results both weeks. I checked back over some prior months and am very glad I didn't join during some of those drawings. I wouldn't have even known where to start.

Like all the others in the life sketching classes, I have decided my dogs are my most sketched models. First because they are here and second because they are always sleeping. They are so spoiled they don't know they are dogs. I may as well let them earn their keep by modeling. And they won't be complaining if they are not happy with what I sketch. And it beats doing my hand and feet over too many times.

My husband drives a truck so when he is here, he is usually in bed and I don't want to disturb him. My cockatiel moves too much. Plus she is too hard to see thru the cage bars. I have done a couple drawings of her from photos.

I have just about sketched everything on my desk, in my yard, and even tried my inside car window while I was going thru a self-serve car wash. It was pretty dark in there so that one was not good.

I looked online for info about the museum here in town. I wanted to see if there were some displays I want to sketch during the sketchcrawl on Sat 7-1-06. I found a couple of things and I know they have many trees. I don't want to be stuck drawing all buildings as I am not that good with perspective. I am not a technical person so find that subject boring. It just does not click in my head. I can see where I am off even if I don't know how to fix it.

Well hubby is gone till Friday so I have plenty of time to sketch this week. If I can keep my head out of the computer or the tv. I just have way too many things I am interested in.

I bought a new Moleskine sketchbook on ebay and received that this week. Haven't decided when I will start using it. Probably when I get better and don't have as many bad sketches as good. I also ordered some graphitints and they should be here before long.

I belong to a site called Toad Hollow. It is a drawing forum. Carol over there has a lesson in how to use powdered graphite. You don't have to be a member to check out the site, but to join is free. Carol,whose site it is, has a very unique way of drawing. She starts out with a mass of graphite on the paper. Then it seems like she is washing a window and the picture becomes clear. Very intersting and very mystifying to me. I have no idea how she does it.
Looking forward to Friday and the sketchcrawl.
"Any story sounds true until someone sets the record straight." Proverbs 18:17

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