Saturday, July 01, 2006

10th Worldwide Sketchcrawl July 1, 2006

I had a lot of fun today but totally worn to a frazzle. I left the house at 9:30am. Arrived at the museum at 10 and started to sketch while still in the car waiting for the museum to open. We were there until 12 noon. Then to lunch and a nice air conditioned break (weather about 100 degrees F) after walking around for a couple hours outside. Then visited a local park, then ice cream cones, then home by 3pm. Good company (my 2 teen neighbors), good food (yummy), good ice cream (double yummy), and so glad to get home. A much needed nap and now I am good for a few more hours. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Very few people at the museum and no one even looked my way in the restaurant or the park. No shyness at all. Held my sketchpad the whole time (and my camera, pencil, backpack, camera case, and a cane. Had to check each time I stopped to make sure nothing was left. Next time I go with only the sketchpad and pencil and camera. My shoulders are killing me from the backpack and I never once got anything from it. Of course I would still need the cane...oh well downsizing sounded like a good idea. But as usual I would probably take the kitchen sink again.

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