Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 23, 2006

The 2nd Scavenger Hunt has a winner. Rohit. He finished with a marathon run to the end. Submitted about 10 things at once. He will present his 26 item list for the 3rd Scavenger Hunt on July 26. Can't wait to get started. I finished my list this morning.

Tonight we will also get a new ref picture for the Weekly drawing. And in the morning we start our portrait class with Al Jones. Can't wait. I have been wanting to get better at portraits, and his are A-1 prime. I really like his style. And I will learn to use the Derwent Drawing pencils I have had around and never used. His portraits are almost monochromatic in a reddish tint. Very appealing.

I finally opened my new watercolor brushes. I thought you were supposed to fill them with water and use on colored pencils that are for watercolor. Well I used my teeth to open the cap where you put the water and got ink in my mouth. That was really attractive. I kept spitting and brushed my teeth using the tongue cleaning area. I kept gagging. I have a touchy gag reflex and it was all I could do to finish even brushing my teeth. But had to get the ink off. First I don't want to die from it. And second it was all over my tongue, teeth, and in between my teeth. That was real attractive. So far still alive and the inside of my mouth looks ok.

"Get to know God and His purpose for you. Prov. 2:4

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