Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5, 2006

Well it is a new day today. The sun is shining. I have the whole day to myself. I believe I am in the mood to sketch/draw. As I posted in one of the forums, I can now understand why Katherine T and some others have said sketching from life is addictive. At least it is not a bad habit...unless you think about the housework I still will not be accomplishing.

Yesterday as I watched my husband pick apricots from our tree, I spent some time sketching outside. I had already done a couple things at my desk. I filled about 5 half pages. Seems so natural now. I haven't used a grid much. Maybe once since I started the Sketch from Life Class at WC. Even with the weekly drawing challenge this week, I did not use a grid and even when I do use one, it has become less important. I generally use it just to get a basic start. Before I kept the grid thru the entire picture.
I am not participating in the present WetCanvas class and no new one has been posted. I have finished both the weekly drawing for WetCanvas and the 2-week challenge at the Toad Hollow Forum, so now I am looking for something to inspire me to do a more complete drawing. Usually when I become stuck like this, I do another CP floral collage. It doesn't take a lot of brain work and is relaxing for me. But I do tend to keep working at it until it is finished. For some reason, it keeps calling me if I put it down. I will pick up a pencil and do just a tad more, then another color, then another. I don't know when to quit.
I need and want to work on the tonal values of a face. I tried on a drawing of my cousin's baby last night but just can't seem to get it. I can do the same on wood, metal, etc, but seem to rely on a stump to shade faces. I look at all the portraits the people post and can't imagine 15 layers. I seem to get my darks right away and use the stump to get a medium shade and leave the lights as the white paper. I have a lot of work to do before I get it.

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