Friday, July 21, 2006

Another day, another mess, more pictures

I went to class again today. I thought I had my living room dog safe. Well I got home and had a bigger mess than last time. I hadn't shut one bedroom door completely so she had a picnic in there. My wooden easel was on the floor and attached paper towels were chewed. She got some plastic bags with stuff in them (buttons, etc) and a blouse pattern that she shredded.

In the living room she had the phone on the floor, a pack of batteries chewed on the wrap, about 15 dog toys, a trash can, stuff off of a shelf, the dusting swifter chewed to bits, and my furbies. Some of the dog toys were being unstuffed and one had lost an ear. I don't know why but she is a very destructive dog.

My husband will be dog proofing the back yard and reinforcing the fence so she can't jump over and she will have to be an outide dog when I am gone. She is the one who will not like it as it is about 105 degrees here. Supposed to hit 112 this week (that's degrees F.) Very hot. Can't wait to see what damage she can do outside. The last puppy we raised almost dug up our buried poodle. I hope she leaves the loaded pear tree standing, and I would hate if she ate thru the fence and ended up in someone else's yard.

I have a feeling she is doing the damage because I leave the house. She had been shuffled form house to house before we got her, and I think she is afraid I won't come back. She has gotten terribly attached to me as my hubby is working out of town during the week. She still chews when I am here but not as much as when I am gone. She won't eat unless I am in the room with her, or go outside unless I go too. Right now she is asleep under my chair. I can't even move or would run the chair over her. I thought she would go to bed with hubby but she is waiting for me.

Happiness keeps you sweet
Trials keep you strong
Sorrows keep you human
Failures keep you humble
Success keeps you glowing
But only God keeps you going
Author- Unknown

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