Monday, July 17, 2006

The start of a new week.

Today starts another new week. Tax classes are almost finished for this session. I did some more drawings at class. A perfect place to do them. I can listen and sketch at the same time. And no one seems interested in what I am doing.

I finished up my scavenger hunt items tonight for the WetCanvas site. My last one was an egg. I had boiled dry almost a dozen eggs. They are awful but the dogs don't know that. I will eventually feed them to the dogs. As I carried the bowl of eggs to my deks, I had 2 dogs at my heels thinking it was their dinner time.

I still have to start the drawing challenge of the week. It is a ref of a very nice sky. Also need more work on my Toad Hollow challenge list. I think I am finished with the first page and now am skipping around to different letters of the alphabet.

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