Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006

Beautiful morning here. Like a fresh spring day. No real heat yet. That will be along shortly. We are having weather around 100 degrees. July and August will be the hot months.

I will visit the craft store today and buy the "ingredients" that I need for the WC 102 : Class 104 Charcoal. I have never done anything with charcoal except use it in a barbecue grill. I really don't like messy but don't see how anything else is possible with charcoal. I haven't picked out my subject yet, but animals are my favorite things. My problem will be to pick just one.

I miss the participation in Class 3. I got so much from that class. The challenge to do more and more kept me prodded into production. I guess I have caught the bug. I haven't missed a day yet sketching something. Yesterday my subjects were from my desk, but I did get one tiny one of my dog Ditto asleep and one of my thumb.

The following drawing is a watercolor. I am just learning to do those as well. I want to learn to do the minimal washes in my sketchbook to enhance the sketches I do daily. So far I have not conquered that project. I don't yet have down the concept that "less is more". I tend to do everything in more vivid colors and don't know when to stop. I love seeing the sketchbook drawings with the watercolor touches and hope one day to climb that hill and plant my flag of success.

Thank you for visiting. May your day be a delight and you make an impact on someone else's life today.


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