Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Golden Memory

It is that time for your final journey
Leaving us both with a sadness and yearning

You will be missed our golden child
You’ve been a joy from beginning to end
Because we love you so very much
On your final journey we send

We will miss your faithful eyes
As you wait for your next surprise
Your head would come to instant attention
When giving you licorice was our intention

Your longing looks at your papa’s face
Tears in his eyes there is a trace
You leave a void too hard to fill
Trying to forget against his will

Your jobs were clear in your eyes
Carry the paper no matter what size
Unloading the car, you carried your part
Always so faithful, such a big heart

We both remember the joyful times
Memories running thru our minds
Never a problem, always a joy
Memories of you with a brand new toy

We must go on with burdened heart
We must go on and make a new start
Remember our beautiful golden girl
We’ll never forget your golden curls

Jeanne Grant © 8-17-04

Promises of Rainbows

Somewhere is a rainbow
Waiting in the sky
Waiting for someone
To come walking by

To see all the colors
All nice and serene
God gave us this promise
Our sins redeemed

Looking at rainbows
Gives peace and light
And oh how grand
Is that beautiful sight.

Jeanne Grant 10-7-04

The Joke

My body is a failure
There is no more allure
The hair is dry
I know not why
There is no more a cure

My chin has many friends
They seem to never end
I cannot see
Where my neck would be
More chins my body intends

My stomach comes along
Something seems so wrong
Nowhere to be found
My waist does abound
For it grows daily strong

Continue downward to my hips
Wearing all that pass my lips
That cannot be
My huge hiney
I think I’m gonna flip

Knees were meant to bend
Mine will not be a friend
To bend my knee
Will set it free
And on the floor will end

My feet I cannot see
They will not set me free
They get me there
No time to spare
With them I’m happy to be

In consideration
Without hesitation
I’m not so sad
At looking bad
For all of the duration

What can a person do
When all of this is true
You laugh, you cry
You wonder why
Because the jokes on you

By: Jeanne Grant 4-25-04

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