Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bad day

I had a bad day yesterday. Had a shopper at work testing whether I knew my stuff. I didn't pass. The question was one we had not trained on. Blew my whole day. Then today I woke up with a cold. I felt lousy. I stayed from 10-3 but felt bad the whole time. We are starting into our peak season and being ill is not a good thing. I am hoping tomorrow they won't need me to stay all day. I start at 9. Get off at 5 with an hour for lunch.

Here is a sketch I did of my sad little rubbertree plant. It was very beautiful when I had it at my last job. When I brought it home, it just got worse and worse. I guess I took more time to nurture it at work...kept me from actually doing work when I did. Plus my desk was next to a window. I had the window sill full of cuttings and plants. I am down to two left. Even all the cuttings have died off. I am bad. At home I have lots more to keep me occupied.

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Trine said...

I really hope your day improved. I enjoyed visiting your site. You have so many varied and great work of art. It looks like you like me are on a journey which is partly artistic and partly through life and finding "ME". Thanks for sharing your work. One thing though. I would love to see size and mediums in connection with your work

Hugs Trine