Saturday, January 06, 2007

End of the Week

I worked a few hours today. Then came home to browse thru the WC site. Played with the dogs a little then took a nap. Now dinner is over for me, the dogs are fed, and I am back on the computer.

I have looked thru the blogs that I do regularly and browsed some that I haven't been to for awhile. Some of them have news, some seem not to have been posting much lately.

I have found on WC that many come and many go, but thankfully some stay. I get to know them, then they just seem to disappear. If they come back, I think to myself "I really missed them". I think maybe life gets in the way. Some people lose their focus; others find new roads to travel. I feel bad for the ones who lose their way, and feel elated for the ones to find new roads.

I hope eventually to find my new road but hope in the process that I still remember the ones who helped me along the way enough to stay and help the next ones to come along.

Here is a drawing I did awhile back.

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