Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Toucan (fruit loop bird)

I did a drawing for the weekly challenge. I had not participated much in that forum, but I will try to start doing that. I had fun with the colors on the toucan.

I only worked 3 hrs today but peak season is coming up soon and those days for about 2 weeks will be stressful. Starting next week I will be going in every day.

I am almost finished with the scavenger hunt. I think it is only for another day. Then a new list. I have three items left and will combine them into a still life. Blanket, pillow, and house slippers.

In Bakersfield it has only snowed 4 times in my lifetime. Well it is predicted for this Friday. Quite funny that it is coming so soon after the last one. Just about 5 years or so. That one lasted overnight. The snow I mean. I wonder how long this one will be. It has been cold here for some time. We still have some sun that peaks out most days. But the weather seems colder this year. I am having a hard time staying warm.

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