Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ATC Exchange Project

Two more of my art cards have been received by their new owners. Both of them went to Australia. The one sent to Bigs/Sue is a drawing of her two Daschunds. The one to Bluefrog is a fish I did from a prop I bought. A fish figurine. I like the way it turned out. A little bit of a different look for me.

I did another tonight of some poppies. I liked what I had done except it looked too bare. I tried to add some foliage and now I don't like it. It will probably be sent in a packet with some of my ATC Stinkies. We share them with others who signed up ro receive them. When they get them, they are allowed to rework them, or cut them up for collages, or whatever. It gets rid of unwanted ones, and so far most of the people who receive them think they are great. They keep them with all their others. I have received one or two packets (3 to a packet) and loved them all. I'm keeping them as is.

I have managed to do a few extra trades. One with a lady from England, one from Valri, and now I will trade with Nonny Kor. This one will be a challenge. It can be ATC size, or up to 5x7. We each chose 3 colors, and the other person has to use those 3 colors to do our picture. I still haven't decided how I will do mine. The colors I will be working with are purple, orange, and lime green. She will be using purple, blue, and red. Should be interesting.

Two more days of work. I'm off until Monday. Then those two days will be busy. Last minute walkins mostly.

Tomorrow I think I will go shopping. I want to visit Walmart and get some more of the hard plastic badge holders I found. They are perfect for mailing the ATC cards in. And they are really nice for hanging mine for display. Besides it is time to browse the Michaels store. I need my fix. All those supplies.

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