Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mary's White Rose

I "borrowed" some roses from the neighbor across the street. She has scads of them. Especially the white ones. I got a couple smaller orangey ones too. It gives me an endless supply of flowers to draw. And they are on the front fence and within easy access. And the neighbor doesn't mind.

The neighbor next to them has some kind of plant that blooms the most beautiful purple blooms. I am watching anxiously for those to bloom. Hopefully they won't mind a loan of one.

Bought a few more drawing props Saturday. I found the cutest little set of about 10 ceramic animals. I bought one of each species that they had. Lucky for me they were at the dollar store. I still haven't found anywhere to display them. Hubby promised to build me a shelf that I can use to set up still life displays. Of course who knows when that will happen. We are in process of changing the furniture in my office/studio, so nothing is in order. In fact it is piled high with stuff all over the floor. Will be nice when all is in order again.


Joan said...

Very nice drawing. You're lucky to have flowers to paint already. Things are barely in bud here in NY.

"JeanneG" said...

I think roses bloom here almost year round. We have late summers and early springs. Pretty uch two seasons, Hot or cold.