Saturday, April 14, 2007

Half A Penny

This is an ATC that I made for the exchange project, but since it is of my sweet Penny, I couldn't part with it. I think this is so Penny.

I addressed 7 envelopes and sent out 7 art cards today for the exchange. I think that is 12 I have done so far. I still have a lot to do. Some of the ones I sent today are ones I had already done. But I looked thru my supply, and found some that I thought would be perfect for certain people.

I still haven't done any new medium. I thought about trying some in acrylic paint. I still may. Just have to get thru the last two days of tax season. Then maybe I will have time to experiement.

The two mediums I do now are totally opposite but with the same general tool. A pencil. One has color, the other has none. It gives me room to play with color when I feel in the mood but still do my "comfort zone" graphite.

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