Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday at last

I had a busy 2 days. groceries, church for Good Friday Service, bank, post office, and a few other errands. Tomorrow I stay home. Will try to finish some housework and some art.

Sunday will be spent getting ready for the colonoscopy on Monday. Won't be leaving the house on Sunday. Plus I can't have anything to eat but clear liquids. Great since I don't like broth. I will be eating lots of jello and drinking lots of sprite and juice. I will be totally full of sugar.

I have worked lately on my scavenger hunt list. I feel as it is my list, I should finish it. I have 22 items finished. Still have to do half of my face, something a chef would use, something you measure, + something the color of your least favorite color. And I have until the 10th to finish.

I didn't do the WDE or the Weekly last week. I think I needed a break. I will most likely participate this week. I have missed the last couple of colored pencil challenges. But I did get two art cards ready and sent for the newest/3rd Art Card/Postcard exchange. And someone has sent one to me. Can't wait to get it.

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