Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Season

I got one more Fall/Winter ATC finished today. This one is Apple Season. My mom and I used to travel about 45 minutes to the mountain town of Tehachapi. There was a farm there that had fresh boxes of apples and pears. We would buy a box of each. Plus they had other whatnots there you could purchase like an apple slicer, apple peeler, and jam, cider, etc. Later on they installed a deli there so that we could have a sandwich before returning home. We would spend several hours there.

Now that farm is no more. The last I saw it was a sod farm. Now I'm not sure. There is a mobile home park across the street that my brother and his family live in. Everything has changed. There is still an apple place called the Apple Barn but I have never been there. Maybe one day. But mom can get around very well any more and I have trouble walking. It's just not the same. But my memories are good.


Teresa said...

Everything does change, doesn't it? And we look back wistfully and "remember when". But at least you have good memories to keep ... and a colorful ATC!

Jean said...

The Apple barn (or what used to be that) is now a restaurant..there is no longer any place downtown by the rail tracks now that sells apples..though in the restaurant they sell a lot of what not built around the apple there (but that all there is in the way of apples left)