Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seven Days

I can't believe it has been 7 days. Where has the time gone. I never intended going that long without posting.

I mailed 6 ATCs out for the trades on Wetcanvas. I sent these 6 to people who are in both trades. Since I had finished 6 cards for each project, I decided to sent to the ones in both trades.

Tonight I made two more cards. I have them ready to mail on Monday. These are Fall/Winter cards. Oh no. I just realized these 2 are in both trades and I am only sending one card. Maybe I will get their pieces card finished tomorrow so that I can mail both together. I need to save some postage.

Here are the two I have finished. One is "Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate" and the other is "Christmas Cactus".


Ai said...

Great job, J. Sorry I cannot join yours. I've been overwhelmed from both old projects and a new one. I am glad that we are in the same one with Rose's.

Teresa said...

These are GREAT, Jeanne! I love, love, LOVE the composition on both of them.