Sunday, September 06, 2009

Klinger's Nose

I worked on another face part tonight. ATC size in graphite. It is the nose of Klinger from the tv show MASH, actor Jamie Farr. I'm trying to do different facial features so that I can get used to doing a wide variety. I don't want to do just pretty parts but unique ones with character.

I submitted a new project on Wetcanvas to help me keep moving on my "body" parts. It is called "Pieces". Pieces of anything the participants want to do. I am doing Pieces of faces or body parts...human and possible animal. I have two finished now. The eye and the nose. I will probably do parts of famous people. Makes it more interesting.

I am not sure if I will branch out to body parts or animals yet. I guess it will depend on how many interesting ones I find of the face. I was surfing tonight looking for "pieces". I don't really like doing ears (but maybe Spock's ears) so may pass on those. And I had trouble finding mouths. Of course there will be one of Angelina Jolie. What would mouths be without hers. I'm trying to pick parts that define the person's identity. At least the recognizable parts of them. Bob Hope and Jimmy Durante's noses. George Clooney's and Nicolas Cage's eyes. Just about any part of Elvis's face.

My hubby said he would probably have know Sean Connery's eye even if I hadn't said. But I'm not sure the same can be said about Klinger's nose. It does look like the photos I saw of him.

I will be doing these cards for the new project in graphite and ATC size (2.5 x3.5 inches). Every so often I like to get in some practice in graphite. Plus I find it so satisfying to make things with graphite. It just feels like coming home.


jgr said...

Hi Jeanne,
The nose is looking good, I think you have a good approach-drawing all different types of features. It's funny how different the nose, eye or whatever looks with out the rest of the face.
I'll be checking back to see the next 'part'.
Thank you for your comment, too. Dh is slowly feeling better, congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

Jo Castillo said...

You always have unique ideas. Great project.

Teresa said...

You did a great job... but I'm sure glad this honker is stuck on Klinger's face and not mine!

Nishant said...

You always have unique ideas. Great project.
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