Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cat Stevens

Did or does anyone listen to Cat Stevens music? I really like his music and have for many years. I was sad when he quit his career to become a Muslim and live a spiritual life. I don't blame him for wanting to get out of a business that has a wild lifestyle with travel, over indulgence, drugs, etc. And too much money. But I would miss his wonderful soothing voice.

Well now he is back singing again. An older, more softer, singer even when he sings his older songs. I really don't mind the change in his voice. In fact it is just as good as it once was only in a different way.

His name now is Yusuf Islam and you can hear him here. If you want to hear him as he was when younger, there are many more videos to choose from. I like the Creation song and Moonshadow.

I am drawing two pictures of Cat Stevens. One of him as the younger Cat Stevens and one as the older Yusuf Islam. I have the younger one started and look forward to seeing them finished. They will each be 4x6 inches.


Azulparsnip said...

Yes, Cat Stevens was a favorite of mine.....very mellow music during a hectic season of life. I'm glad to hear he is back and will scoot over to Utube for a listen up. Looking forward to your drawing. Good Idea to draw stuff you relate to.....I'm gonna remember that.

"Sue N" said...

I love the Cat's work......I used to have Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat on LP, but its too hard to keep buying every album in every new format that comes out, so I have his Best Of now on CD.
I agree his voice has mellowed, but hasn't suffered for it at all. I am glad he could reconcilke his religion and music so that he can perform and record again.

Artist Unplugged said...

I remember listening to Cat Stevens. Nice drawing of him! I loved the ducks....all of them!

Teresa said...

Sorry, but YUCK! I can't stand Cat Stevens! LOL!!!