Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Young Cat Stevens

Here is the younger Cat Stevens. I can see some problems. Also the scan isn't showing the shading on the face. It just shows the darker values. I don't like his hair. I am having to look at more than one photo as the one I am using, his hair on top doesn't show. He had some wild, unkempt looking hair then. Dark and kind of curly but not combed. Mine is too even.

I will leave it for now and work on the older version. Maybe after I finish that one, this one will show me what I need to do to finish it.

Original photo here:

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Nureeya Panichnok said...

Hi Jeanne...
I don't have more skill in sketching portrait but Cat Stevens is my favorite star...I like the songs that he wrote and sang especailly "Morning has broken"
Anyway...I think you did it great on his portrait!!!