Friday, October 02, 2009

Nothing New

I haven't done any art in the last couple of days. I did do another fall/winter card but haven't sent it yet. I thought I might wait a bit to show it. It is Christmas Cookies. What is the winter without Christmas Cookies.

I spent part of the day cleaning the room we call an office. It has a desk and my crashed older computer. Also all my art supplies. But I haven't been "arting" in there since the computer crumpled. I moved what I use most to the "other office" where the working computer is. It's also the room where the two birds are.

I was cleaning the office because I need to do some mending on my clothes. I made room to set up my sewing machine. Now I just have to get myself in there and do the mending.

I need to work on my Bible study questions. I am having trouble with them this time. They are a new style study and I am having difficulty getting my head wrapped around this new study. It is for 6 weeks I believe and out of the first 3 nights, I have already missed one. Not a good thing.

I have been really enjoying the new season on tv. So many things to watch and I'm watching a lot. Our tvs here go 24/7. At least one does. In the daytime, I have the one on in the living room and the computer room. The tv is my "noise". I don't like to have the radio on. I listen instead to the tv. At night one runs all night in the bedroom. As much for the light as the shows. I don't sleep well with it off.

I have always been a tv watcher. I watched all thru school while I did my homework. Mom couldn't complain as I got good grades. I even watched a really snowy screen when that was all I had. It was a station from Los Angeles that just barely came in with our rooftop antenna. I loved watching the late night movies on that channel.

Well enough babbling for tonight. Hopefully there will be artwork tomorrow.

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