Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas ATCs

I am in a small Christmas ATC trade with 5 other people. I finished my cards tonight and will mail them on Monday the 23rd. A little early but I want to get them in the mail and have it all finished.

I did my cards of some of my Christmas ornaments. Most of them are ones I have bought more for props than for a tree. I don't put up a big tree any more. I have a small 12 inch tree and I put that up with some little miniature ornaments I have bought. This one can sit on a shelf or table and I don't have to worry about the dogs helping themselves to my ornaments.

The scan isn't the best as I had the cards in their little plastic jackets for mailing.

I have a large box of ornaments for a larger tree stored in our shed. I need to take those out and go thru them. Discard some and save some for drawing. There are some really cute ones as I once worked at a shop that had spaces rented for craft and art items for sale. They would put up a huge tree and everyone who rented space in the shop, could make ornaments and put them on the tree for sale.

I was able to buy a few one-of-a-kind handmade ornaments. I also made a few of my own. One I have is a tiny Cabbage Patch look alike baby that is miniature (about 5 inches). My mom made that one. I made a set of muslim hand painted cows or pigs. The mom, dad, and baby. When I ever get them out, I will take photos and post them.


Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Jeanne, these are sooper dooper cute!!!!!!!!


Joan said...

These are great!!! I love that mouse with the big ears!!! Congrats on learning how to take videos with the camera!!! They were fun to see.

Teresa said...

Jeanne I LOVE THESE!!! You did a wonderful job with them... so much character and yummy color... and you always crop so creatively.