Saturday, November 07, 2009

Feeling Better

I'm feeling much better. Still a little stomach problem but I can at least eat now and stay out of bed most of the time.

Last night I was craving a Sloppy Joe for dinner. I had seen one on tv and could just taste it. I hadn't eaten anything except some more bland things and I knew the spicy Sloppy Joe would probably kill me. But I thought of that sandwich all night.

Tonight hubby stopped and picked up the fixings for the sandwich and I had one for dinner. After that I took two antacid pills and waited. Well it didn't kill me and now I am hungry for another. And after looking at Jo Castillo's blog and seeing the Chili and Frito Pie, I'm really hungry for that. And I don't even like chili. I have never had that to eat but it sure sounds interesting and tasty.

I worked on some scavenger hunt items tonight. I hadn't done any artwork much for a week and wanted to do something. And there is always the Scavenger Hunt list. I managed to do 10 items and get them posted on the forum thread.

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Teresa said...

LOL!! So you DID go for the sloppy joe! Glad it did not revisit you ;-)