Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vizsla Start

I got a start done on my commission after dinner tonight. I had been putting it off and wanted to at least start it. I was sitting on the couch with a black and white copy of the photo, and balancing the sketchbook on my lap. I still have to work some more on the sketch and then transfer to better paper. The box around it is 5x7 inches and it will fit an 8x10 inch frame and mat.


Joan said...

The lines of this look great!!! I'm sure you will do an amazing job. Belated Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Jranne, I'm going to be watching this closely! When you wrote you had a commission on one I had to pop over to see...Your drawing is excellent! And, thanks for letting me know what it is! I just knew her as Molly! HA

Teresa said...

It's looking really good, Jeanne... you've got a great start.... shucks, it looks close to being a finished product already.