Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No New Art

I haven't felt very well for the last few days. Nothing I can put my hand on but just don't feel right. Headaches and touchy stomach. Stomach wants me to eat and then doesn't like that I did eat.

Tomorrow I hope to do some artwork. I have a cp of a dog that I started over a month ago and want to finish it. His name is Rufus. He is some sort of cow dog. When he was a puppy, he really liked me and now he doesn't seem to want me to touch him. I only see him once a year. He doesn't have a problem with hubby touching him. But I want to do the picture for his mama. I am about half done and worry that the work I did won't match when I start again. At least I did write down the colors in the margin. This is the first time I have done that and I am so thrilled it was this time.

I also have a graphite drawing half finished of one of the goats from the local live animal museum (CALM) that I started months ago. I would like to get that finished too. Plus I would like to get some artwork done to put in a portfolio.

I do have a small commission for a Christmas picture in graphite for a friend at Bible study. It's a present for the dog's owner. The dog is a Viszla. I haven't seen the dog or a photo yet as the friend is trying to get one without spoiling the surprise.

The portrait exchange was closed yesterday on WC. We were supposed to find out our partner tonight but there hasn't been a post. I am anxious to see who I will be paired up with. Downside is I have to give them a photo of me. And I am not photogenic at all. I have only a handful of photos of me that I have liked. And most of those were at a younger age. I hate to say it but I'm not aging gracefully and surely not aging skinny.

My husband daily tells me I look like my mom, walk just like my mom, etc and I know he isn't trying to compliment me. Maybe I will tell his mother-in-law and let her give him the evil eye.

I think people should seriously look at their in laws more carefully before marriage. I am now living with and kissing someone who looks just like my father-in-law and that is a little scary. Maybe that is why hubby has a problem with me looking like my mom. LOL


Teresa said...

Sure hope you soon get back to feeling good and being your chipper, witty self :-)

Glad you've got a commission to work on.....your art work is growing by leaps and bounds and I hope you enjoy working on the Viszla - I know you'll do a good job on it. Hey! I've got a dog commission too...

Joan said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well...that surely affects the desire/lack of desire to created. Feel better soon!

Joan said...

Jeanne - What happened to your links on the side of your blog? Did you do something different to it?