Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Camp Trailer

Well I am still trying to sell all my husband's toys. His pickup was sold first and tonight I finalized the sale of the camp trailer. Now just 2 motorcycles to go.

I haven't done any art lately but I have been staying busy. Cleaning a little, doing errands, and today I met a friend for lunch. We had a nice lunch and lots of catching up conversation. I had fish tacos.

When I first heard of fish tacos, I thought they sounded gross. I don't even like fish. But after having one at this restaurant, I was hooked and I have had them every time I have been there. That is the only place I will have them as I had a bad one at another place.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Glad the unhappy tasks are being taken care of, one by one. (( hugs ))

Fish tacos? And you talk about our Tomato Gravy? Ha! Think I'll stick with the tomato gravy.