Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Virtual Paintout - The Czech Republic

This month The Virtual Paintout took a tour of The Czech Republic. The Google Street Map covers a very small area on this one but it did have a variety of things to choose from. I decided I wanted to do this one because of all the clouds.

I used colored pencils on blue mat board. It is 4x4 inches.


Teresa said...

I can see why you chose this.. beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds. Good job on the buildings too... what a patient soul you are.... cityscapes drive me up the wall!

Joan said...

This cam out lovely, Jeanne!!! I still haven't had time to head over to the VPO site. I hope I don't miss this month too.

Teresa said...

Since you haven't posted today (can't believe I did and you didn't!) and since today (Friday, May 21) is YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! I want to wish you Happy Birthday my Special Friend :-)