Sunday, May 09, 2010


I haven't been doing any art except a few of the Windows cards. Tonight I spent more Google Street Maps time. After seeing Leslie Hawes latest piece of art, I decided to browse thru the area of the UK that she has been finding inspiration. I found quite a few references and now just have to get myself motivated.

I'm still not ready to jump back into doing my blog every day. I want to but can't seem to be able to handle it yet. And there are so many things I want to draw but even that isn't pulling me out of my standstill. Not a whole lot keeps my attention right now. I just seem to be wandering thru my life and not concentrating on any one thing.

I spent this week feeling itchy and paranoid. I found two ticks on my Dizzy. I got them off but and haven't seen any more. But the dogs sleep with me and Dizzy is a cuddler. She likes me to hold her just like a baby and she puts her neck and head on my shoulder. I immediately put some Advantage on both dogs, but the lady at the vet said it wouldn't get ticks. So I had to go get a tick collar for both dogs.

The next day (Friday), I had the pest control out to spray. So hopefully I have seen the last of them. Now if the ants would permanently disappear.

Next Saturday is the 27th WW Sketchcrawl. I have a week to figure out some place to go and sketch. I don't want to do this one at home. And I don't want to drive around randomly looking for something to spark my interest. I would like to have a plan for this one. Somewhere that I won't feel uncomfortable and isolated. Somewhere I have a variety of things to choose from.


Marthann's Musings said...

Jeanne, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you start this different and sometimes anxious new life. Hope you are okay, and hope soon you will feel up to having your artwork fill some of the void in your heart.

Teresa said...

It's okay to wander at this point. Probably what you need to be doing while the wounds begin to heal.

Re: ticks... next time get Frontline instead of Advantage... it takes care of both fleas and ticks.

Re: UK inspiration... funny you should say that... I was just browsing around Wales a few minutes ago. Love that country!

Joan said...

Jeanne - It must be so difficult for you right now. Life must feel so strange and different. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope you conquer the ticks and find an inspiring place to do the sketchcrawl this weekend. I'm hoping to get together with Michelle, but I don't know where we will go.

Donna said...

You describe things so well. I think Teresa said it best. You probably need to do just what you are doing.

I have never used the Google maps thing. Is it something you purchase online?

You've reminded me that it's time for me to get the flea and tick medicine too.

Will check back to discover where you decide to do the sketchcrawl!

Donna said...
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