Sunday, November 21, 2010

Portrait Started

I finally got a start on the portrait I am doing for the portrait swap on Wetcanvas. It is barely started but I thought I'd post anyway. His left eye I'm working on. going to make it bigger. That's why his iris is in front of the lid. Weird huh?

This is Gary and he has finished my portrait. I need to get busy and get his done. It needs to be in the UK by Christmas. I will probably be doing it in colored pencil. The style is one I learned on Wetcanvas from Alfredart. It is done with only 3 colors. Of course I may use a couple other colors to get the dark in the pupils.

Well I had better get back to it. Times passing fast. If he says ok, I will post the one he did of me in pastels. And his when I am finished. Or maybe even as I work on it.

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Teresa said...

You're really good, you know that?