Monday, October 01, 2007


California Living Museum (CALM) is the destination for our Wednesday Plein Air Outing. We took a breather for two weeks, so this is our first one back. CALM is a zoo/museum. Animals are here that can't be sent back to the wild. The duck area is a stopping off motel for all kinds of waterfowl. It is in the flight path of several species. They stop off, rest, eat, and then go on their way. And in a safe environment for them. Here is the website if you would like to browse thru:

I am behind as usual. No tax classes are done, no dinner started for tonight, and bills are not yet paid for the month. But here I sit on the computer. And I am happy.

I worked yesterday on my first Christmas Card for the exchange on Wetcanvas. Not too many have posted a complete card. I think I am the third one with a finished card.

I have spent several days looking thru sites to get ideas for cards. Nothing is really jumping out at me. I did find one and made something similar but totally different. Does that make sense? Well sorry, it does for me. I used watercolor pencils and pen and ink but didn't add any water to it. The paper is similar to cardstock, so I didn't want it to buckle by adding water. I bought these already made into cards and with envelopes so wanted to use them.

Well time to get something from the freezer to cook, get my shower, find some lunch, and pay some bills. Still no tax classes?


Laurel Neustadter said...

I really like the Christmas card, Jeanne. I like the colors and strong graphic design. I find it to be more interesting that a traditional Christmas card. I find the card very calming ... the title CALM describes the card also.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Laurel. I didn't put a title to the card and now you have given me one.

Joan said...

Jeanne, This card came out great. I love the composition and the colors.