Saturday, October 06, 2007

Candy Corn

I finished an ATC tonight of some candy corn. I like candy corn. I like the look of a bunch of candy corn all piled together. I decided to do an ATC and used colored pencil.

I was going to use it for the Halloween exchange project in Wetcanvas (all those were done in watercolor) but I had already finished those. I have a couple more that I had started the drawings for and will continue with them but they will just be spares.

I have all the 10 cards finished, addressed, stamped, and ready to mail on Monday. One project down and two to go. And 24 days left before surgery. And still no tax classes finished. Where do my priorities lie? Art, art, and more art.

I have 3 of the Christmas cards done for the Christmas card exchange project. One I'm not certain will make the cut. I still have about 22 -23 left to do. And for the third project just one Christmas ATC.

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Joan said...

You are so ambitious!!! I like candy corn too. This came out so cute!